The impact of a security breach can be far greater than one can imagine. The loss of confidential information will not only affect business competitiveness and growth but also damage company reputation - a goodwill that companies can take years or decades to establish.

What We Do

  • Firewall
  • 2 Factor-Authentication
  • Web & Email Security Gateway
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Prevention of Data Leakage
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Data Security & Encryption



Remote Access

Regional and global companies potentially have thousands of IT assets (computers and servers) spread across multiple offices. A centralised infrastructure management solution such as Virtual-Private-Network (VPN) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to manage these assets is critical.

Without a dedicated IT staff, remote offices often rely on headquarters' IT administrators or third-party service providers to resolve any IT problems. Many office locations contain sensitive business information that can be vulnerable to unauthorised intrusion by external IT contractors. Companies need to remotely access, troubleshoot and maintain thousands of heterogeneous devices through a single infrastructure management solution.

Remote-Access Features:

  • Provide instant support to remote offices
  • Access, control, manage IT assets anywhere & anytime
  • Securely access all applications, document files, and network resources
  • Maintain audit trail of all remote access activities

Your Benefits:

  • A single IT staff can now provide support at multiple office locations
  • Reduce cost and time wasted from technical support personal travelling between locations
  • Protect sensitive informationby limiting access to internal computers to only trusted IT personnel, not 3rd party vendors - reducing information theft and leaks



High Availability

Generally, the core challenges of business continuity are:

  • System and data availability - Companies must ensure that when there is a disruption to IT system, either planned or unplanned, there must be redundant failover systems to maintain system availability.
  • System recoverability - The ability to recover quickly from IT disaster is critical to minimise the negative impact on business and resulting financial loss.
  • Performance continuity - Companies must maintain adequate customer service levels during IT failures, and optimal levels of processing capability during peak processing periods.

The primary objective of implementing HA solutions is to keep users seamlessly connected during any IT system disruption, without the need to restart applications after failover. We assess clients' IT environment and implement HA solution that are simple, cost-effective and protects against interruptions caused by application failures, operating system problems, SAN failures, network issues or hardware failures.