IT is a critical part of the business process that requires technical and specialised competence beyond the scope of your current business management approach. In this case, companies with little or no-in house IT resources find it more economical and efficient to outsource the administration of their IT infrastructure to us.

Our role as IT Managers to the different sectors:

  • SMEs
  • MNCs with Singapore operations requiring compliance with headquarters' IT policies and procedures
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Legal firms
  • Public-listed companies with confidentiality and independence concerns



IT Care Maintenance Programme

IT Care – a tailored-made maintenance programme that supports your IT infrastructure and systems. We believe this support services model best fits the needs of small, medium-sized and large enterprises, eliminating the pain of managing multiple vendors.

We take a PREVENTIVE rather than REACTVE approach. Our strategy revolves round constant monitoring and improvement of clients' IT environment in order to minimise compromises to security and to maintain system availability.

Our IT Care is a single maintenance programme which offers:

  • Service desk (phone and remote technical support)
  • Routine preventive maintenance (both hardware and software)
  • Ad hoc technical troubleshooting services
  • Training services



Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Our team of experienced and trained experts take up the role to design, implement and manage complex LAN, WAN, system operations guidelines security for your business. Most importantly, we recommend a holistic solution that is optimised to meet your current requirements and also provide sufficient flexibility for future expansion.

What We Do

  • Assess your current and future IT needs
  • Recommend suitable hardware and software solutions from reliable IT vendors
  • Implement and manage IT infrastructure implementation projects



System & Network Assessment

Periodic IT Health Checks ensure effective implementation of security features. The process helps to identify any vulnerability in IT systems and networks which may compromise legal compliance, data confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in the system or network.

What We Do

  • Assess status of your PCs and servers, internet, security, training, legal compliance and data backups
  • Assist business owners to understand how business growth and change will impact IT in order for sound decisions made on IT plans and investments accordingly
  • Outline the level of exposure to potential security breaches, data loss or system downtime

For more details, click here to download IT Health Check brochure.



IT Relocation

We undertake IT equipment relocation projects for clients who move offices or server rooms. You experience minimal system downtime and peace of mind knowing that your servers can resume its normal operations and data continues to be available after the move.

What We Do

  • Co-ordinate and manage projects with third party technical vendors to ensure smooth IT relocation (e.g. Internet Service Providers, network cable contractors, etc)
  • De-rack and re-rack servers, network equipment and storage
  • De-commission and commission workstations
  • Cable management of server equipment
  • Dispose unwanted IT equipment



System Configuration and Management

With SFIT Managed Workplace, we monitor and manage client's IT assets, including systems, software, hardware and virtual resources. With a proactive IT health monitoring and alert system, we can better optimise configurations, manage system and software versioning, as well as eliminate costly and obsolete equipment.

Continuous Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of availability and performance of your IT assets
  • Receive proactive alert notifications of possible failures

Asset Management

  • Perform initial network assessment
  • Asset inventory management features for managing software assets with license keys, hardware configurations and operating system parameters
  • Track software expiry date and hardware warranty status

Security Assurance

  • Continuous monitoring for viruses
  • Automate verification of data backup and completion

Preventive Maintenance

  • Automate or schedule software updates
  • Install and upgrade third-party software for all workstations connected to the network
  • Leverage on powerful desktop utilities for remote troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks
  • Minimise security risks resulting from traditional remote control software reliance on external websites
  • Schedule routine maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Perform detailed analysis of client's needs using readily available performance reports
  • Set objectives and plan for IT improvements