Collaboration tools provide a common platform for people to collectively organise and share documents, coordinate schedules, participate in team discussions to share knowledge and ideas.




A collaboration platform that organisations use to increase the efficiency of business processes and provide personalised access to files and other information.

What You Get

  • Cross device availability
  • Engage people and share ideas locally or globally
  • Stay organised at a single location
  • Discover search results within the organisation
  • Enterprise grade reliability and standards



Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows people to connect with each other over the Internet in real time, enabling face-to-face communication that is best suited for remote interviews, business meetings, sales presentations and more. With video conferencing, communicate with virtually anyone in the world in the comfort of the office, saving valuable travelling time.



IP Telephony

IP telephony is the evolution of voice, fax, SMS and other forms of communication that are traditionally transmitted through public switched telephone networks. With IP telephony, data is transferred over standard Internet and office networks running on existing IT infrastructure, opening up hassle-free communication between parties in an Internet Protocol-based (IP) LAN or WAN network.